Live smart...

Lose the square meters and gain unexpected space. In Ulita by Egoé.

…like the Wisemans

The goal is not to build a house but to create a home that doesn't limit your life and doesn't close the door on an outdoor life!

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Principles of a smart life


The house is no castle - it's not a construction project that will take years of my life.


The mortgage is not a lifetime partner - you don't need to buy it an engagement ring.


No need for long-term finishing or ongoing improvements  - this is a complete product.


I don't care about walls or square meterage - all essential feature are neatly hidden within.


I don't need to move in - I can just walk in and the house is a home.


My expectaions: space to live and space to myself. Life without limitations.


Episode 1: Creating a nest

Episode 2: Unlimited possibilities

Episode 3: Unlimited prospects


Daddy Wiseman

Highschool teacher
Perfectionist who always wants things "just so" - as in his life so too in his house.

Mama Wiseman

Theatre actress
Unafraid of any role She doesn't desire a never-ending soap-opera for a home life.

Miki Wiseman

School kid who loves to discover hiding places - and loves to teach anyone who will listen … even friends and visitors!


A designer who likes to simplify things. He believes that if something is to be perfect, it should be thought out in detail and cannot be done on a large scale

…and Ulita

This is a house for each family member. It does not limit their personal space and everything is just so. There are hiding spaces and thoughtful details that are fun to hunt out.

3 years ago: Ulita prototype